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Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Agile, Design Thinking, UX Design

Agile has been a buzz word for a while in software development. However, it’s an intriguing question in the UX world: agile is defined as the software development methodology, but can design be agile? How does the two fit together?

Come to my session and share your story, I’ll tell you mine too:

1) Working in a 300-person organization practicing full blown agile.

2) Working in a 10,000-person corporation practicing nothing related to agile rituals and generating stunning results.

Is an intro video interesting to you?


In addition, would the conference blind reviewers’ comments help you to make up your mind to stop by my session?

Quotes in the blind review:

“Quality is in the design of the submission: the author is mindful of her audience.  Plans to engage the audience; ensure that there is knowledge for the audience to take away.”

“Agile talks like this are not new per se, but the fact that this was presented in a fresh and engaging way makes me like it. The speaker came across as authoritative on the topic.”

“The presentation is well researched, well documented, and the presenter seems ready to answer any questions, which to me speaks about the quality of the submission.”

“I am a fan of best practices and tales from the trenches so would be interested in attending if nothing better was scheduled at this time.”

“The submission is welled researched and the author is knowledgeable.”

“The presenter sounds knowledgeable and experienced. Would like to hear her anecdotes.”

“It challenges a term/process that is used a lot but can mean different things to many (and indeed often misunderstood).”

“This paper will compare and contrast design processes in an agile as well as a non agile environments. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to play active roles during the presentation to maximize take aways. The presenter stresses reasons for doing away with agile traditions and be exactly agile, which means flexible.”

Hope to see you there!

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