• One of the first consumer facing product NVIDIA worked on;
  • First product of this kind that was introduced to the gaming market;
  • Didn’t know the exact user demographics;
  • Product requirement loosely defined.


  • Design pound twice a week trying to figure out what we were trying to build;
  • Parallel design and development. We just didn’t have much time: it was four months from the date of product discovery to announcement and being able to demo at CES;
  • Few formalities, faster iteration.

Did well:

  • Designers and developers took ownership of the product and felt responsible for what they worked on;
  • Fostered a start-up culture in this 10,000 person company;
  • Single layer of design review with CEO; other reviewers are integrated in the process.

Do better:

  • Lack of product requirement;
  • Research fell behind;
  • Design by committee.

At the end of the day, we are extremely happy we made it. We are proud of ourselves designing for the forefront of technology.