Problem statement

Our members love to share. Some courses are easy to share but for some of our member base, courses were not quite sharable, why? Like Facebook single sign on to LivingSocial or Groupon, many of our our Enterprise users don’t sign in to directly, they access via their own web portal. So to share the membership required information becomes a hurdle for them because they have to get out of first, which is absolutely confusing.

Design solutions

Close to those Facebook/Twitter sharing icons, we placed the organization specific custom URL sharing functionality. As a recipient, clicking on the URL will take you directly to the course page if you are already logged in at your web portal; if not, you will be prompted with the web portal login before you land on the course page.

To cover other use cases, it calls out whom you want to share: within your organization or outside of your organization so you can grab the URL accordingly. For sharing within the organization, the parameters in the URL would initiate the login authentication through the appropriate organization before landing on One less step for the users eliminates the confusion.

Roles in this project

Visual/interaction design, prototyping, user research.