Though it’s hard to explain to my mom what information architecture is, it is a lot of fun than it sounds like. It’s crucial to be attentive to details but more important to be a system thinker and jump out the of trees and be able to see the forest, and thus approach the problem and analyze the logic holistically.

The concept map is a diagram showing the relationships among’s webpages – telling the story from the forest level. was a redesign of the Bargain Network’s website. This concept map is even more “conceptual” than the one above as none of the pages were finalized by the time I worked on this map.


Page flow, as part of the information architecture documentation to help define the logic for dev teams, shows the interaction between users and the websites or apps. It includes any possible scenario that may happen during the interaction. The following sample shows the page flow I created for one of the products at property report.