Content is the King, Context is the Queen

Posted by on Jan 28, 2013 in Design Thinking, Loose Diamonds

Been using the iPad for the past 3 years, when I got this Nexus 7 six months ago and saw the form factor, it was a customer delight – sleek and lightweight. Ladies can put it in their purse easily and for guys according to my co-workers, it can fit their pants pockets.

At home on the couch I used to have a hard time choosing between using my MacBook Air or iPad but now in this context, Nexus 7 is clearly a winner. It’s light enough that i can switch to different lazy postures and still am able to hold it easily.

Traffic to home or work in the “Google” app was designed very well for the context as well. Used to commute between Santa Barbara and Ventura where there is barely traffic, now the traffic in the bay area is a challenge for me. If you go to work half an hour early, you may end up arriving at work the same time if you choose go to work half an hour late because of rush/off hours. The time to work/home display comes very handy before I go to work or take off.

This is not to deny that this new device 1.0 still has some user experience glitches but those well design details make me appreciate the thoughts the design and engineering team put into context design and innovation.

(This article was written pre iPad mini back in August last year and I’m glad to see the mini coming out as it’s as light as Nexus 7:)

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